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We built a new product that leverages the expertise of an innovative recruiting platform combined with the expertise of the world’s leading sales development firm. We’re proud to unveil the SDR hiring solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Higher expectations

Face it. You’ve lowered you hiring standards. If the SDR hiring landscape was the housing market, we’d call it a buyer’s market. There’s an abundance of opportunity and a shortage of talent….until now. 

Hidden talent

Your next top rep isn’t at another company, they’re at the coffee shop you frequent or going the extra mile at their retail job. Do you want to hire on someone’s past or their future? Our qualifying procedures distinguish the top reps of tomorrow.

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Hire success

It’s taken us over a decade to figure it out. We don’t hire based on the resume, our hiring is based on measurable skills that are brought into the light during the application process. 

The current state of hiring reads like a horror movie

According to the 2018 Bridge Group’s State of Sales Development report, a SDR/BDR will cost your company $123,000/year. Name another entry level role that costs you over $120k a year. The annual turnover is 100% at many fast growth companies. Average tenure is hovering at 12 months. There’s currently more than 200k open positions for the role.

Almost every SDR Manager headline reads “I’m hiring.” And there’s a general talent shortage across all positions and when you do find the talent you need, it’s unlikely they’ll stick around for much more than a year. How do we crawl out of this downward spiral?

Ever notice?

Just about every SDR manager is constantly hiring SDRs? 

Straight (SDR) facts

We looked at the Linkedin Emerging Jobs Report and The Bridge Group’s State of Sales Development report to get a better understanding of why this critical, entry level role was so difficult to recruiting for. 


Fastest growing emerging job in the US


open SDR/BDR positions on Indeed
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1.2 years is the average full productivity of one SDR

Your best SDRs aren’t even applying

Your next top performer is out there.

They’re outgoing, well spoken, a fast learner, a team player, an early tech adaptor and they’ll exceed quota because they’re motivated from within. Here’s the problem, they don’t know what an SDR is and they don’t know they should apply.

How we tap into hidden talent pools

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Keys to the kingdom

Platform subscription



Source and manage up to 150 applicants per quarter

Access to our intellectual property and methodologies

Platform set up during on-boarding

Platform customization leveraging Alleyoop SDR hiring best practices questions and analysis methods proven to yield great candidates

Dedicated account manager

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No time to recruit?

Full Service SDR Placement


We pre source SDR applicants and qualify them for the role. Both locally and nationally for those companies that are sourcing remote candidates.
You will gain access to a list of prequalified SDR applicants and you can evaluate and choose your favorite candidates for interviews. You then chose your absolute favorites from our favorites.

Preview up to 100 pre-qualified applicants per quarter

Select & Activate up to 10 candidates from our list of 100

Hire as many of the 10 as you like – no additional fee

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Why choose us?

You’re going to benefit from the expertise of the top SDR company in the world – the company that has built and run teams for DiscoverOrg, Adobe and Outreach


of the cost of traditional recruitment


the speed to hire


the qualification process


the applications from our talent pools
People are more than their resume.

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