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Lost Leads™

Let’s finish what you started.™

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Lost Leads is a re-engagement platform for analyzing and rekindling lost leads for immediate pipeline and revenue impact.

How it works

1. Analyze your lost leads and determine their value

Who is still viable, actively looking, or no longer relevant? We determine the potential impact of your lost leads portfolio and prioritize our re-engagement campaign to focus on the best leads first, while still addressing all viable prospects.

2. Cleanse & append your data

We will add contacts along the way to get more stakeholders engaged. Layering in intent data and prioritizing market segments, our efforts are laser focused on your best leads most likely to take action. 

3. Create your custom campaign

We will revisit your leads in a thoughtful and compelling way to drive maximum revenue & insights. We also utilize marketing efforts like direct mail and videos to reinforce the message and stand out.

The program is fully supported by an outbound engine, complete with fully trained SDRs and supported by our marketing team to create and deliver compelling re-engagement messaging to each unique audience.

Re-engaging your lost leads

adds up to a tremendous opportunity for much faster and efficient revenue

Our data

Combined with market research, we layer in intent data to understand who is still actively searching for a solution.

You have to look within

In our current economic climate, more than 80% of companies are projecting a reduction in pipeline. To make the number, it’s best to first look within to maximize what is already in play.

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Typical lead sources our customers ask us to rekindle

because it all adds up.

Who we work with

We’re not just a platform, we’re people. 


How many touches it takes to convert a lead. On average, sales teams stop at 3.

A major provider of co-working space with more than 2,000 locations leveraged Lost Leads to analyze and re-engage leads marked by the sales team as “dead”. In short order, the Lost Leads program was able to deliver more than $800,000 per month in sold business on an ongoing basis.

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Adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%
It comes down to this

Your leads deserve a second chance.

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