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Customer Service

Plug & Play Case Study

Focusing on your target customers

The Alleyoop Plug & Play CS Program allows you to bring new CS representatives onto your team on a short-term contract basis – just like you would from a temp agency. Unlike temp agency CS reps, Alleyoop CS reps live and breathe SaaS and they are fully trained to make an immediate impact on your team. Let’s break it down:

You run the offense, we'll handle the defense.

You contract one of our Ready Hire trained, world-class CS representatives to plug into your team. They stay on our payroll with our benefits but report to you.

We’re a teammate that realizes the high stakes

Ditch the “outsource” stereotype. You won’t find that here. We are pioneers, innovators, and experts in sales and support. We’ve spent 10 years in the industry and have seen it wait for no one.

Take care of your stakeholders.

So many teams put too much emphasis on offense – or growth – and they forget that defense – retention – is what wins championships.

Getting your defense ready for the big leagues internally can take a lot of time, money and effort.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with highly trained CS reps that are ready to make a difference in a fast, cost-effective, consistent, and scalable manner.

Ready to win?

We have the players you need to run your defense and start making a difference. Let’s take home a championship together.

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