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No booth? No problem!

How Alleyoop drove 727 interactions and 84 meetings for Adobe Sign in 3 weeks

Adobe Sign is an enterprise-class, e-signature service that replaces paper and ink signature processes with fully automated electronic signature workflows. In order to promote their latest integration with Salesforce, Adobe chose to focus on Dreamforce.

This annual conference held by brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers and thousands of IT professionals in the B2B space. It’s the perfect event for Adobe Sign to meet face-to-face with decision-makers.

As the cost to exhibit at Dreamforce rises, more and more companies choose to host satellite events to maximize their marketing investment. This lead to Adobe Sign partnering with Alleyoop to help them solve a unique problem: how can we achieve the same impact at a fraction of the cost?

Adobe Sign needed strong incentives combined with compelling events if they were going to drive attendance to off-site locations. Their plan was to host three celebrity dinners starting the night before Dreamforce, as well as provide executive meeting spaces for conversations with decision makers during the event. Adobe planned to warm targeted leads with their dinner events in order to ultimately move them down their sales pipeline during their in-person meetings.

With an extraordinarily short timeline of just three weeks, Alleyoop began sourcing targeted data to drive only director level and above contacts at enterprise accounts.

Big wins

  • Secured 84 in-person meetings with C-Level executives at Adobe’s Executive Suite
  • Drove 352 attendees to Adobe Sign’s Tyler Florence Chef Celebrity dinner
  • Drove 243 attendees to Adobe Sign’s Scott Baird Celebrity Mixologist event
  • Drove 48 attendees to Adobe Sign’s Melissa Perello Celebrity Chef event

Whether it's Dreamforce, Workday, or smaller dinner events, I've relied on Alleyoop for event creative, driving registrations, and doing follow up to maximize the impact of our event presence...

Sharon NabhanGlobal Sales & Marketing Director, Adobe

Rolling up our sleeves

Since Adobe Sign wasn’t a sponsor, they couldn’t supply us with a list of registrants. Therefore, Alleyoops first step was to source hyper-targeted data. Our team quickly sourced a list of contacts who would both be the best fit for Adobe Sign and were also most likely to attend Dreamforce. We also worked closely with Adobe’s team in order to suppress accounts they were currently engaged with.

Alleyoop developed a landing page with event details and two emails to invite prospects to register for each event. Each prospect that registered would receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder the day before and the day of the event.

Our invite emails accounted for the majority of registrants, but we supplemented these efforts with a call-heavy email sequence to drive prospects who have interacted with our materials but had not registered.

Executing success

  • Prospects are sourced from Alleyoop’s internal database who are most likely to attend Dreamforce based on historical data.
  • Additional best-fits are sourced externally and aggregated into Alleyoop’s list.
  • Two invitation emails were designed for each event to drive prospects to our landing page.
  • A system was implemented to send confirmation emails to prospects who have registered.
  • Two reminder emails were designed for each event to automatically remind prospects the day before and the day of the event.
  • A call-heavy sequence was developed to convert prospects who showed activity with our materials.
  • Alleyoop’s team of SDRs executed the call sequence to drive as many registrants as possible.


Both Alleyoop and Adobe Sign learned that it’s extremely difficult to fill an event on the first night of a conference as most attendees are just arriving and meeting up with their teams. And although we were unable to meet Adobe’s goal for that event, we greatly exceeded their expectations for the next two. The dinner featuring Tyler Florence had to be closed prematurely as we were at risk of exceeding the venue’s capacity. In the end, Alleyoop was able to drive 727 interactions with C-level or above prospects, including 84 face-to-face meetings for Adobe Sign at Dreamforce without being a sponsor.



In person meetings with directors.


Melissa Perello dinner guests.


Tyler Florence dinner guests.


In person meetings with directors.

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