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Alleyoop provides sales & marketing services to the most exciting B2B brands in the country. We’ve been honored to drive revenue for companies like Adobe, ZoomInfo, and Cleveland Golf.

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A culture of

problem solvers.

We count on each and every team member to go the extra mile, not because we ask you to but because you’re filled with an insatiable need to grow and be the best at what you do. Our roots are in sales tech, our passion is contagious and our people support one another like you’ve never seen.

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Interesting people

make the best SDRs.

Your company is only as extraordinary as your people….and our people are pretty darn extraordinary. Together, we strive to create an authentic organization and fully realize human potential at work – rather than conform, we encourage individuals to flaunt their unique strengths and talents.

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Professional Development

In addition to a paid week of hands-on training from the best in the industry, you’ll receive ongoing coaching from our team leads who share insights and tips to stay ahead of the trends. The skills you will learn here will make you a valuable asset for any position in any industry. Nothing stands out more on a resume than “SDR”, just ask Mark Cuban or Warren Buffet – who both started their careers in sales.

Healthcare & Personal

We offer vision, dental, life and medical coverage from top providers keep you and your family in the best shape.
All employees receive paid time off, 5 paid holidays and bonus PTO on their Birthday. When the weekend rolls around, we like to embrace it and sign off early on Friday afternoons.


We work hard to maintain a connected and inclusive work culture, even when working from home. Virtual happy hours, sales contests, community involvement, and daily company huddles are just a few of the things we do to stay connected to each other.


Learning by doing

If you continue to operate as you always have, you’ll never grow. It’s the culmination of doing while simultaneously learning from your experiences that distinguish the good from remarkable.


It’s knowing when it’s time to be the teacher, and when it’s time to be the student. Our value comes from the fact that we’re able to adapt and stay at the forefront of industry trends and client’s trust us because we layer an element of humility amongst our confidence.


It’s built into the fabric of our culture. Internally, our people are encouraged to share ideas and opinions, to work together to accomplish the unthinkable. Externally, we’re constantly focused on developing lifelong relationships with clients.

Sales Development

The Industry on Fire.

The LinkedIn Jobs Report recently revealed the fastest-growing jobs over the past five years. Third on their list was the role of Sales Development Representative which experienced a growth rate of 570%.

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Between 2012-2017 the role grew


Current Openings

Sales Development Representative

Our Company:

Alleyoop is a sales development agency that partners with the fastest-growing SaaS companies around the country to facilitate their top-of-funnel lead generation. This is done by examining our client’s offering, developing a plan of attack to help them gain market presence, and dedicating an internal team to work exclusively with that particular client.
Our people make the difference. We’re looking for a unique individual who will dive right in and use their ingenuity to engage executives across a range of industries.

This position is remote.

Your Work:

Your primary responsibility as a Sales Development Rep is to generate new business opportunities for our clients. In this critical role, you represent our client as the first point of contact to their ideal potential customers. A successful candidate will have a positive phone presence, team-player mentality, and be willing to seek and take advice while applying it immediately. If you’re someone who understands the responsibility and importance of this position, we’d like to talk to you.

Your Day:

  • Engage executives and c-level prospects in target accounts via cold calls, social touches, and email to create sales-ready opportunities
  • Ensure your CRM platform is updated and contains relevant prospect information
  • Master tech platforms such as LinkedIn, Outreach.io, ZoomInfo and more to find and contact prospects
  • Be a credible resource and develop a trusted relationship with your client
  • Participate in team meetings, client conferences, and ongoing training
  • Prospecting and qualifying targeted accounts

Your Qualities:

  • Receptive to coaching
  • Self-Driven
  • Fluent in English
  • Adaptable to change (we’re growing and the farthest thing from “corporate and stuffy”)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Determined to consistently achieve sales goals
  • Enthusiastic about learning new software and an innate desire to master it
  • Grit required to pick up and dial!
  • Bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred
  • Fully immersed in the SaaS industry and upcoming technological landscape
  • “West Coast” attitude toward work culture (we’re casual, but not lazy)
  • Agile/adaptable to change

This role offers you the chance to:

  • Hone your presentation skills
  • Learn to work with teams
  • Work closely with clients
  • Build communication skills and your professional network
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What is an SDR?

A sales professional who specializes in outbound prospecting. An SDR  concentrates on lead qualification, moving leads into and through the sales funnel, and setting up appointments/demos. By focusing on lead qualification and appointment setting, they play a crucial (and often missing) role in an organization.

If you picture a sales cycle, an SDR is responsible for the first half of the cycle. SDRs aren’t closers, they’re prospectors. A mission-critical role for any fast-growth company.

What technology will I learn to use?

We’ve invested heavily in top-of-the-line technology and innovative software to keep us ahead of the sales development industry. Every employee has their own desk, PC with large monitor and high-end headset. You’ll work in a variety of programs including, but not limited to: Outreach, Salesforce, Linkedin, DiscoverOrg, Vidyard, Sendoso, ClickTools and more

What is the training program like?

Whether you’ve had years of sales experience or haven’t sold anything since your lemonade stand days, we’ll take a full week(paid) to train you from the ground up on our company values, our technology and software, and the root of our success –> our process.

You’ll sharpen communication skills, learn market knowledge and increase your technical abilities while learning tips and tricks from the best in the business.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet all of our team leads and managers while learning about each project were currently tackling on the floor. By the time you make your first call to a prospect, you’ll be more than ready.

Who do we hire?

We’re looking for sharp and creative minds from all backgrounds! If you’re feeling boxed into your current structure and seek an environment where you’re encouraged to contribute critically and creatively, a place where culture, fun and innovation are valued – please join our team!

While many move onto account executive roles, there are many who perfect the outbound focused role and turn sales development into an extremely lucrative career.

If you tour our office sales floor you’ll meet:

  • A mother of 3 and volunteer firefighter
  • A recent college graduate
  • A young man working full-time with us and part-time on his music career
  • A recent NYC transplant who spent 8 years working in finance
  • ….and you?!

Why join Alleyoop?

The momentum is in your favor. Sales Development is being realized as the most essential part of a sales process and with the current external dynamics, companies are finding that building an internal sales development function has never been more difficult.

Alleyoop is the future of revenue generation at scale for fast growth startups & well-established brands entering new markets or periods of new expectations. Our clients choose us because we deliver results with expertise, speed and consistency.

You’ll find that we never take our foot off the gas and we never say anything is impossible.

Where does this role fit in my career?

Technology savvy, digital marketing capable sales development professionals are in demand. We’ll help you develop your real world skills and knowledge base to put your career in high gear. In our no-politics, fast growth environment we value results over rigid framework.

We promote from within and offer some great positions to satisfy your thirst for professional growth and variety. We only work with companies who are a strong culture and value fit. The same goes for team members.

Sales Development was listed as the third on LinkedIn’s list of top 20 jobs providing security and profitability. If you want to begin sharpening the skills mentioned above, including adaptability, collaboration and leadership ability, working in sales is a great place to start, according to many experts. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ll hone your communication skills by conversing with decision makers and C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies across the US
  • You’ll work with and learn about a variety of industries including SaaS, healthcare, education, manufacturing and more
  • Unlike most jobs, the harder you work, the more you make
  • There are unparalleled opportunities for advancement