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Grow your revenue, not your team

How Alleyoop generated $1,185,880 in opportunities for Ambition in one quarter with their existing team.

Ambition is a sales management platform which combines sales management and gamification with powerful analytics to provide transparency, accountability, motivation, and development for sales teams. As more sales organizations focus investment on inside sales and demand generation teams, the position of Ambition’s sales management and engagement platform has transcended from “great to have” to a necessity.

After their first round of venture capital, Ambition decided to commit to steady, self-reliant growth. However, as a young company in a developing category, Ambition had yet to completely iron out their sales process. And since they were actively growing, they didn’t have the resources to both execute their business while also experimenting and optimizing. Ambition decided to partner with Alleyoop in order to both focus on the internal processes they knew worked while also having the flexibility to explore better opportunities and processes. Alleyoop quickly assembled a two-person SDR team and integrated with Ambition.

Not only did Alleyoop provide an economical, no risk experimental SDR team, but they also leveraged their expertise to both discover new ideal customers and also refine their existing processes. By investigating accounts, understanding leads and talking to companies as humans, Alleyoop was able to determine exactly what stage company needed Ambition. We also shared best practices, competitor renewal dates, budget information and over 20k titles to Ambitions CRM.

Big wins

  • Provided the operational flexibility enabling ambition to try new targets and get feedback on what is and isn’t working.
  • Generated over 105 accepted meetings for Ambition with two SDRs in Q1 alone.
  • Gained invaluable insights, allowing Ambition to streamline their sales cycle and target persona
  • Enhanced over 5k new records to Ambitions CRM complete with account notes and insights.
  • Alleyoop’s team and processes have become an integral component of
    Ambitions sales function.

By engaging and empowering our Alleyoop reps to run strategic campaigns and leverage their skills - we kept our team focused on what was already working from a new business standpoint.

We not only were able to generate a ton of quality net new pipeline from Alleyoop - we were able to make our existing reps more effective sellers by focusing.

Brian TrautscholdCo-founder & COO, Ambition

Executing success

  • Alleyoop provided Ambition with two team members who quickly integrated into their established sales process.
  • Alleyoop’s experienced SDRs researched from day one. Every activity yielded valuable insights into Ambition’s prospects which was meticulously recorded, analyzed, and shared with Ambition.
  • Alleyoop’s research combined with their established sales development expertise lead to Ambition reinventing their sales playbook to include more refined ideal customer profiles and best practices.
  • Alleyoop’s internal database combined with research was used to supplement and complete more than 20k records for Ambition.
  • Alleyoop becomes completely integrated with Ambition. We are included in meetings, share feedback and help guide Ambition to maximize the efficiency of their sales pipeline.


When Ambition needed to grow their team, they decided to partner with Alleyoop instead of expanding internally. This allowed them to continue the sales process that brings them success while also tapping into industry expertise in order to experiment and optimize new processes.

Alleyoop helped Ambition boost it’s growth, while simultaneously testing and refining new market sales processes.



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