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Customer Service is an integral part of any business. If you find yourself in a position where your CSRs don’t speak the same language as your customers, your customer service function can fall apart quickly.

Don’t worry. Somos totalmente bilingües.

On top of the frequent language mismatch, this role is most often filled with entry-level workers who are trying to learn on the job. This can cause quite a big disconnect between the representatives and management resulting in unhappy employees and high turnover.

Customer Service has:


job openings for Customer Service on Indeed


an average turnover rate globally


An average tenure rate for new, entry-level reps.

So what do you do if you need a productive, bilingual customer service team but don’t have the time or resources to hire, train and manage them?

You really have two options:
suffer through or alleyoop.

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The Alleyoop Plug & Play Customer Service Program allows you to bring new CSRs onto your team on a short-term or long-term basis. Alleyoop CSRs live and breathe SaaS and are fully trained to make an immediate impact on your team.

Cada Representante de Servicio al Ciente de Alleyoop es 100% bilingüe, en inglés y español…that means….Every Alleyoop CSR is 100% bilingual in English and Spanish!

Let’s break it down:

The game has changed, you’ll have to jugar diferente to win.

You contract one of our Ready Hire trained, world-class CSR’s to plug into your team. They stay on our payroll with our benefits but report to you.

We’re a teammate that realizes the high stakes

Ditch the “outsource” stereotype, you won’t find that here. We’ve spent years in the industry and have seen it wait for no one. We are pioneers, innovators, and experts in sales and support.

We are in a unique position to be able to offer a direct hire option to all of our customers at the end of a successful program. If you love the reps that have been plugging into your team for the length of our program and you don’t want to see them go, we are happy to facilitate you bringing them on to your internal team full time.

You're in good company

The game has changed.

¿Estás listo para jugar diferente?

Are you ready to play differently?

Let’s take home a championship together.

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