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Direct Hire


How it works

Most of your potential SDR candidates on job boards don’t even know what an SDR is…

They’ve never thought about sales, a B2B career, or SaaS. But Ready Hire SDRs are sales, B2B, and SaaS experts… and they are hungry.

Hungry for the opportunity, hungry to prove themselves, hungry to work for a better life.

You draft a team from our players.

When you join our Ready Hire community you gain access to our certified, trained graduates on the Ready Hire Platform. Here you will identify the graduates you’d like to interview and coordinate interview times with our team. After your interviews have identified the best fit for your team, our graduates join your team and immediately being contributing to the success and culture of your company.

Pre-Draft Training:

Our graduates learn the basics of all industry-standard technology from salesforce and Hubspot to Vidyard and front spin. They learn from industry experts from Ambition, Execuvision, Gong, Sales IQ, and more.

What you get for each player:

Get more than a stack of resumes when you hire with Ready Hire. Each of our graduates will be presented to your company with the following:

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and our graduates at

Ready Hire is Championship Caliber

Unlike the previous process of businesses posting a job on a public job platform and wading through large quantities of unqualified or untrustworthy applicant profiles, Ready Hire offers a curated collection of hand-picked, internally trained candidates that are ready to enter the job market.

The brand promise of Ready Hire is for businesses to be able to hire based on one interview.

Ready to win?

Draft a team of world-class players, today.

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