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Partners in growth

Our opportunities continue to drive $25 million in annual recurring revenue for ZoomInfo

An alley-oop is quite possibly the most exciting offensive play in a basketball game – a coordinated effort involving one player throwing the ball to the other who is mid-air, ready to dunk. Alleyoop has been passing and scoring with ZoomInfo for almost 5 years.

ZoomInfo is now the leading marketing and sales intelligence solution, rated #1 on G2 Crowd. Their mission is to “accelerate pipeline and revenue growth by delivering the most accurate and actionable B2B sales and marketing data on the planet.”

You need a strategy, not a call center

When ZoomInfo CEO, Henry Schuck, reached out to us in 2013, he was confident that his human-verified data was the strongest in the industry and knew their business model was destined for success… but the growth wasn’t happening at the rate they wanted.

Like many companies that experience initial rapid growth, ZoomInfo had never prioritized an outbound sales strategy. When the time came to scale beyond inbound, they had no interest in experimenting with the traditional pay-per-meeting outsource model in which you pay a company to pound the phones on your behalf and potentially damage your brand. They needed high-quality at-bats with target accounts. They sought a strategic partnership. Alleyoop was entrusted to develop an outbound plan of attack and deliver results.

Big wins

  • Set 4,300 meetings over the course of 4 years, driving $25 million dollars in annual recurring revenue
  • Since 2013, we’ve helped ZoomInfo refine their internal sales processes & scale their team
  • ZoomInfo was able to acquire their top competitors, making them the industry-leading data provider
  • ZoomInfo’s revenue grew over 8x since partnering with Alleyoop, from $15.3 million in 2013 to $130 million in 2017

Alleyoop really became part of our sales team. They are firing on every best practice for running a sales development team. We’ve been able to learn a lot, from working with Alleyoop, that we’ve brought back into ZoomInfo.

Henry SchuckCEO, ZoomInfo

No spam cannons allowed

After signing with ZoomInfo, we came out of the gate running. Early reps on the project made as many as 200 calls a day. Of course, we took the time to learn about their product, their goals, and their ideal customer. By working the accounts from the inside out, we were able to understand the potential of each account and determine whether or not the company was ready to invest in premium data.

With their data to support us, we were able to speak with multiple titles at a specific account until we had the referrals and pain points we needed to convert the decision-maker. Throughout the project, we continuously shared feedback with our clients, adding valuable account status fields to their CRM. When ZoomInfo invested in field marketers and in-person events around the country, they engaged Alleyoop to drive attendance. Getting the right people in the room is key to your event’s success, and we made sure their target buyers were present.

Growth beyond measure

Year after year, our team ran coordinated multitouch sequences and set up meetings with target prospects. Their company tripled in size, moving its headquarters from a suburban business complex to a high-rise tower in the heart of Vancouver, WA. In 2017, ZoomInfo acquired its top competitor and industry giant, RainKing. In late 2018, they acquired the second-largest b2b data provider, ZoomInfo, making them the largest and most comprehensive data provider in their industry.

As of January 1, 2018, ZoomInfo has 45 internal sales development reps, working alongside Alleyoop’s team of 7 reps. Account separation and healthy competition keep both teams organized and energized. Since partnering, we have had the privilege of attending ZoomInfo’s yearly SKO, not merely as observers, but as a team members. Every Alleyoop employee who works with ZoomInfo in any capacity feels as much a part of their team as they do of ours.

Hear it from Patrick

“Of the thousands of technology sales teams I’ve talked to, Alleyoop has the best, most dialed-in process of any of them. Alleyoop, for the last couple of years, has generated a quarter of our revenue. It’s hard to envision ZoomInfo without Alleyoop at this point.”

Patrick Purvis

CRO, ZoomInfo


We partnered with ZoomInfo in 2013 and their growth skyrocketed
















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