Project Breakdown

MobileMind had cutting edge software ready to go, but not enough bandwith to get in touch with their ideal customers at the school district level. Their software product was refined yet complex, difficult to grasp the entirety of it in a sentence or two. It was an obvious candidate for an explainer video and we began working on the script shortly after partnering.

Talk about waving a magic wand and getting exactly what you want! I was blown away by the quality and message of our video. Even more amazing is that the team just ran the production with little direction from me, but still managed to knock it out of the park.

Tyce MillerCEO, MobileMind

video as a tool

We leverage the explainer video in a few of the introductory emails in our sales cadence. We found that creating a powerful thumbnail image of the video yields more clicks than a link.¬†Using videos in email cadences can increase click-through rates by 100%. It’s a quick way for a prospect to grasp what MobileMind does and the importance of it’s platform




Script writing, animation, production and editing, music

of senior executives prefer video over text. (Brainshark)

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Many of our products include video production.