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EventGo Virtual

Never worry about silent webinars and empty virtual conferences again

How we drive attendance

Your virtual event solution


In the current climate, the bells and whistles once used to draw a crowd to an in-person event is no longer an option. No need to stress. With our EventGo team, registration doesn’t have to be a scramble. Let us show you how.

1. Engage your ideal attendees

Who do you want to register for your event? We’ll gather contact info, create relevant messaging and put the manpower in place to get in touch with them.

2. On-brand marketing content

Our marketing team create forms and landing pages to support registration. Our sales team registers attendees on your behalf.

3.  Drive high-quality registrations

With our proven event engine consisting of data, content, and a professional SDR team, we fill your virtual seats.

Let’s face it. Email alone is not enough. You’ve got to do more to promote your events.

You need the right data, the right message, & the right activity at the right time to ensure attendance.

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As an event marketer in 2020…

you’ve probably being tasked with two things:
  • Produce amazing online events and create an unparalleled experience for your customers and prospects…that translates to the digital landscape.
  • Drive valuable pipeline for your sales team

Alleyoop understands the industry trending towards digital, and will help you get your events off the ground, quickly.

Standout features

Why EventGo Virtual.

Why Now.

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We aren’t in the process of shifting gears. We already have.

TOPO surveyed the top fast-growth B2B tech companies, and in the current climate, 67% of them are focusing on digital conferences and events

On-brand design support

Our EventGo team is able to create the assets needed for event registrations including landing pages and html emails. Use our marketing tech stack to reach out to your target audience efficiently.

Dedicated sales support

While your sales team may have other commitments and goals, our sales team is here entirely to support your event and eager to drive attendance.

Alleyoop preserves our brand while developing event creative, driving registrations, and doing
follow-up to maximize event impact

Sharon NabhanGlobal Sales & Marketing Director, Adobe

You’ll see the attendance you need and deliver the high-quality leads your sales executives expect.

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