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Making the decision to outsource any part of your business is difficult. There are a lot of really negative outsourcing stereotypes out there that keep many companies from giving it a try.

Here at Alleyoop, we understand the hesitation. But we can also promise you that you will not find any of those stereotypes here. Whether is sales development or customer service, we are in the business of providing the ultimate assist to all our clients. Alleyoop is the future of demand generation at scale for fast-growth startups & well-established brands entering new markets or periods of new expectations.

Why Companies Choose Alleyoop:

Ditch the “outsource” stereotype! This is a team sport and you won’t find any diva superstars here. We’ve spent 15 years in the industry and we know there is no room for selfish, diva, superstars. We make a point to be team players. We are pioneers, innovators, and experts in sales technology.

We’re not just a program, we’re people. 

We’ve seen a number of changes in our years of executing in the industry. We’ve tried, we’ve learned, we’ve built and rebuilt. We’ve succeeded in creating a proven, flexible human-centric outbound campaign that WILL drive new business for your company.

Hear from our team about who we are:

1. Expert Guidance

Sometimes we’re the player, sometimes we’re the coach. Knowing when it’s time to learn and when it’s time to share more than a decade’s worth of specialized expertise is what makes us different.

2. Customer Success

Alleyoop is the only firm with a department solely focused on your success. We will take the time to learn your offering inside and out and stay in consistent communication with you and your sales team.

3. Dedicated Sales Team

Focus delivers incredible results.  Every day your Alleyoop team is living, breathing, and prospecting solely for your company, truly becoming an extension of your internal team.

4. Direct Hire Option

We are in a unique position to be able to offer a direct hire option to all of our customers at the end of a successful program. If you love the reps that have been plugging into your team for the length of our program and you don’t want to see them go, we are happy to facilitate you bringing them on to your internal team full-time.


We’ve been in this business for a long time and we understand what it takes to succeed on our client’s behalf. If you’ve started to consider outsourcing any part of your sales development function, reach out to us today. We’d be happy to tell you more about our process.

Becca Fields-Poniskaitis

Director of Marketing

Becca is using her varied marketing experience and breadth of skills to build and develop a world-class, in-house marketing team here at Alleyoop.