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Cold calls have been around for decades and remain a vital part of sales development. Over the last several years, new technology has come into play that has led to many sales professionals spouting the idea that “cold calling is dead.”

Here at Alleyoop, we could not disagree more. Despite the proliferation of digital tools and automation, there is still a place for the human touch when it comes to sales. In our opinion, it’s the human touch that makes all the difference.

Cold Calling adds a Human Touch

Cold calls are effective because they provide an opportunity to make a personal connection with potential customers. By speaking directly to prospects, sales development representatives (SDRs) have a chance to explain why their product or service is the right fit for the customer’s needs. Research shows that customers are more likely to make a purchase when they feel they are dealing with a person rather than a machine. Let’s face it – everyone knows when they’ve received a templated email (yes –  even if you went through the trouble of putting their name and title in there). So eliminating SDRs and replacing them with tech is never going to cut it when it comes to creating a human connection with prospects.

What SDRs do That Tech Cannot

  • Build rapport with prospects
  • Identify and qualify prospects
  • Ask questions to understand prospects needs
  • Offer solutions to address those needs
  • Close deals
  • Negotiate and create winwin situations
  • Educate prospects on products and services
  • Generate interest in products and services
  • Provide customer service
  • Follow up with prospects on a consistent basis

Cold Calling Builds Relationships

Cold calling allows SDRs to build relationships with customers. By taking the time to answer questions and explain the value of the product or service, SDRs build trust and loyalty with potential customers. This is especially important in industries where customers have to make long-term investments or commitments.

“[Many SDRs] find that their genuine enjoyment of the conversation rubs off on the other person. [Prospects will] be less defensive and more likely to share truthfully.” How to Build Great Relationships through Cold Calling, 2023

SDRs are naturally personable, kind, and empathetic. Their energy can radiate through the phone and build a strong relationship with a prospect in a matter of minutes. Imagine having a person like that on your sales team and taking away the power of connecting them to prospects over the phone! That would be a waste of their talent and would be at a serious detriment to your entire sales team.

Cold Calling Effectively Reaches New Prospects

Cold calls are an effective way of reaching out to new leads. Often, prospects are aware they have a problem that may need to be addressed but they don’t know where to start. Cold calls are a great way to get the attention of these people! While they may not be actively searching for a solution just yet, theycould benefit from the product or service being offered. By getting your SDRs on the phones with them and putting the company name in their ear, you are setting yourself up for longterm success with that prospect.

Cold Calling New Leads Allows SDRs to:

  • Reach out to potential customers that may not have heard of your product or service.
  • Introduce your company and its offerings to potential customers that may not have been exposed to it.
  • Establish a customer base quickly and costeffectively.
  • Identify potential customer needs and develop solutions.


In short, cold calls are still an important part of sales development. They provide a personal touch that digital tools can’t match, allow SDRs to build relationships with customers, and are a great way to reach out to new leads.

If you’re part of a company that is trying to eliminate unnecessary roles, look elsewhere! SDRs are vital to the success of every sales department and cold calling is their bread and butter.

If you’re an SDR looking to improve your skills, check out these quick videos from our CBO (and former SDR) Gabriel Lullo.

Becca Fields-Poniskaitis

Head of Marketing

Becca is using her varied marketing experience and breadth of skills to build and develop a world-class, in-house marketing team here at Alleyoop.