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Sales Technology companies

How will you stand out?

Utilize the industry’s first demand generation channel partner for Sales Technology companies. After 10 years of operating and evolving in the industry, we’re ready to scale your success as we’ve done for others through tightly executed playbooks, expert guidance, and a world-class database.

We don't take the challenge lightly

From startup to Fortune 500, we’ve helped companies rise above the noise and get a seat at the table with their ideal prospects by providing the industry’s first demand generation channel. We operate as a cost-effective extension of your team.

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Get in front of

decision makers

With so many players all vying for the time and attention of the same prospects, it’s extremely difficult to get noticed.

Relying solely on your internal team is risky. You need a specialized partner to produce desirable outcomes in a fast, cost-effective, consistent and scalable manner.

Hear our approach

Alleyoop, for the past couple of years, has generated a quarter of our revenue. It’s hard to envision ZoomInfo without Alleyoop at this point.

Patrick PurvisCRO, ZoomInfo

I chose Alleyoop for their ability to combine marketing creativity with operational excellence and full sales execution

Sharon NabhanGlobal Sales & Marketing Director, Adobe

By engaging and empowering our Alleyoop reps to run strategic campaigns and leverage their skills - we kept our team focused on what was already working from a new business standpoint.

Brian TrautscholdCo-Founder and COO, Ambition


and thorough approach

You need to expand your current capacity by leveraging packaged expertise, experience, and economies of scale. Rest assured that everything we do, we do in the best interest of your brand standards and keep the human connection often lost in SaaS sales.

Enlist our conscientious team to work exclusively on your project and your project only.

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A partner that realizes the high stakes

Ditch the “outsource” stereotype, you won’t find that here. We’ve spent 10 years in the industry and have seen it wait for no one. We are pioneers, innovators and experts in sales technology.

  • Integrated extension of your team
  • Develop thoughtful messaging for specific verticals
  • High call volume with multi-touch sequence
  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Meeting quality
  • High conversion rate

The “other” guys

  • Limited communication
  • Spam cannon messaging tactics
  • Thoughtless phone pounding
  • Brand Damage
  • Meeting quantity
  • Low conversion rate

Why Sales Tech companies choose Alleyoop

Expert Guidence

Sometimes we’re the student, sometimes we’re the teacher. Knowing when it’s time to learn and when it’s time to share a decade’s worth of specialized expertise is what makes us different.

Customer Success

The only firm with a department solely focused on your success. We will take the time to learn your offering inside and out and stay in consistent communication with you as well as the sales team – bridging the gap.

Dedicated Sales Team

Focus delivers incredible results.  Every day your Alleyoop team is living, breathing and prospecting solely for your company, truly becoming an extension of your internal team.

Plug and play pipeline

Cut years, guesswork and hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the equation by plugging into our sales channel: dedicated team, content creation, database, technical resources, reporting, and management oversight.

Our appointments continue to drive $25 million in annual recurring revenue for ZoomInfo.

Aren’t you curious to see what we can do for you?

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