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Mildred Antonetty is a Business Development Manager at Alleyoop. She, as most managers at Alleyoop do, started out as a Sales Development Representative. Mildred will be the first to tell you, that when she started as an SDR she was not always very good at the job. She was anxious and overwhelmed. Neither of those things led to many sets in her first few months.

In the included video, you can hear Mildred recount her early days as an SDR and the things she did to change her luck.

Anxiety as a New SDR

When you jump into the world of sales as an SDR, you might not know exactly what you’re in for. It can be overwhelming and quite honestly a bit scary! When Mildred started in the role, Alleyoop had in-person offices. 

“…we were all in office, including our CEO. There was this board where we would track everyone’s sets. Everyone that would get a set would put their name on a board and if you didn’t get a set your name would go on the board with the number of days since your last set. Talk about a high-pressure situation!”

Being in office and having accountability to these boards were meant to provide motivation to Mildred and her fellow SDRs. For that to be true for Mildred, she had to shift her mindset.

Shifting Your Mindset

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation to Mildred, try some of the things she did to turn her luck around.

Before work, focus on yourself. You want to get your mind and body prepared for the day ahead before even thinking about work.

  • Get active! Try going for a run, doing a bit of yoga, or even just taking your dog for a walk. Get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up.
  • Get focused! Maybe give meditation a go or even just try some personal affirmations. Put yourself in a positive mindset early in the day so that you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

If you work these small changes into your morning routine, you can truly change the results of your day without needing to find extra hours in your day.

Get Results

These quick changes will lead you to some serious results. When Mildred changed her morning routine, her mindset shifted and she started performing better in her role as an SDR. 

“I stopped letting the nos get to me and when I would get a few nos in a row, I would take a pause and walk around the room for a couple of minutes. Then I would come back with a clear mind ready to get back to it. I started setting meetings left and right and it was a very long time before I went a day without a set!”


Being an SDR is hard. It’s easy to let your mindset slip into a dark place when you’re seeing days, maybe weeks without a set. In this role, doing well at work can often require some personal work in your off hours. Thankfully this personal work can be a positive in all areas of your life. Get more active. Get more focused. Get more sets.

Post Written By:

Becca Fields-Poniskaitis
Head of Marketing

Video Script Written & Recorded By:

Mildred Antonetty
Business Development Manager