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Does this sound familiar? You’ve just gotten your startup off the ground. You have a product or service finalized. You have a need in the market.

Now what? 

With 30% of startups feeling like now is a good time to expand, crafting a recipe for a scalable and repeatable sales process is vital.

This is where an outsourced sales team comes in.

When a startup sees their vision become reality, expanding that to the market is exciting but can also feel overwhelming.

So how can an outsourced team like Alleyoop do that?

  • Create customized content
    We’ll talk like you, walk like you and ultimately be an extension of you through our writing, scripting and advertisements
  • Database
    We’ll find the right people in the right industries that are ready to buy
  • Brand Awareness
    We’ll make the calls and send the emails so you can spend more time making your ideas become reality.

82% of startup funds come directly from the entrepreneur, so creating a sales pipeline is instrumental to your success.

Hey, you have the staff, things are working fine, so why bother with an outside team?

The average cost to hire, train and manage an internal SDR is around $150,000 per year. 

With an agency, that cost can be cut in half for the entire outsourced program.

The best thing is that this is not an either/or situation. You don’t have to fire all your in-house team and change your whole sales process. 

In fact, outsourcing sales development means that you’ll have a new team working as an extension (not a replacement) of your in-house team that will help you scale faster. This also means you can test new verticals and personas without interrupting your internal team’s focused efforts. 

An outsourced sales team can help your startup scale into an executable growth strategy built on best practices to elevate your team’s effectiveness. 

Let’s start talking about how we can set you and your team up for success.