Project Breakdown

Blue Ridge cloud-native supple chain solutions are the most accurate way for retailers and distributors to spot changes in customer demand before they happen. Basically when it comes down to it, they allow you to predict future trends and see high level views of your inventory so you never run into overages or shortages.

Our goal was to set meetings with CFOs, Chief Supply Chain Officers or VPs of Purchasing at target accounts. After we pulled the data, we brainstormed a low-cost direct mail campaign to weave into our traditional phone/ social/email sequence.

Blue Ridge had old custom Magic 8 Balls already in their possession, we designed a smooth-touch mailer to go with the ball and wrote creative copy that tied the gift, message and value prop together.

Brooke, Hope all is well! The Magic 8 Ball may have been the all-knowing solution when we were kids, but not what you want to rely on for inventory planning and management. I’ve been reading up on COMPANY and I’d love to get in touch to hear more about your current solution. Cheers! Kelsey

Handwritten Note Sample

Need creative power behind your prospecting?

Many of our products include direct mail campaigns